My Story

Just a mole! Who’d ever thought?

Just a mole...not even half the size of my little fingernail!

Just a mole...aggravated by hormones during pregnancy and not the sun!

Just a mole...that was removed in 1995 and not a sign of since!

And, just a mole was all I was ever led to believe it was...just a dodgy mole!

Well, who’d ever thought that one little mole could completely turn my life upside down! The day I was told I had cancer; a hypothetical 4x2 plank of wood came out of nowhere and smacked me clean around the head. Me! I don’t get emotional; I’m the strong one everybody else leans on! I don’t even cry when heart wrenching programmes are on the TV. In fact my mum and best friend laugh and call me a hard bitch as they’re sobbing into their tissues! I’ve had surgery before, more than many. I even worked in an operating theatre, so I’m very blaze about illnesses and prefer to just get on with it rather than dote on it. Not this time though. My world crumbled around me the minute I heard the ‘C’ word. I found myself re-evaluating my life, second guessing every choice I’d ever made, wondering what it was that i had done so wrong to be punished like this and honestly not knowing which way to turn next.

So even though I’m not a celebrity bringing various cancers into the light, at the end of the day we all want the same thing. Jade was the patriot for cervical cancer, Lance Armstrong is Testicular Cancer, Kylie Monogue woke us all up to breast cancer and now I’m hoping to alert people to melanoma.

It doesn’t end with the removal of the dodgy mole! It goes beyond the mole.